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1. Adventure is necessary for all us. 2. It keeps us from growing stale and old; it develops our imaginations; it gives us that movement and change which are necessary to our life. 3. One of the aims of travel is to go in search of beauty. 4. The beauty spots of the world are magnets which attracts travelers your after year. 5. Yet eve more valuable to the traveler is the knowledge which he gets of his fellow men by going among people of different character and different ways of life. 6. The proverb says, “So many countries, so many customs.” 7. Now I’d like to tell about my favourite kind of transport. 8. Nowadays most people prefer to travel by air because it is the quickest and the most convenient way of getting from one place to another. 9. Here are a few rules on air travel that may turn out to be helpful. 20. Firstly, passengers are usually requested to arrive at the airport on hour before departure time on international flights and half an hour on domestic flights. 11. Secondly, passengers must register their tickets, weigh in are register the luggage. 12. The limitation of weight for the economy class is 20 kilograms and for the first class is 30 kilograms. 13. Excess luggage is to be paid for. 14. Thirdly, passengers can take with them into cabin only handbags, brief-cases, umbrellas and cats. 15. The captain always welcomes you on board, gives you all necessary information about flight and even the interesting places you are flight over. 16. The advantages of travel by air are: you save a lot of time; it is comfortable and safeble. 17. The disadvantages are: tickets are very expensive; the flight can be abolish of foul weather; absence of airport in some towns. 18. Dispait of disadvantages I prefer travel by air.
19. Now I want to invite you at the Republic of Altai. 20. There you can find many interesting places. 21. And one of them is lake Teletskoe. 22. This lake situated in the northern-western part of Gorniy Altai. 23. Our route passes trough are of the beautiful lake of Siberia. 24. It attracts of its mysterious and beauty. 25. Excellent countries walks, fishing and boating on uspoilt lake with an aburdance of wildlife. 26. Ideal for exploring this area. 27. It is really worth visiting. 28. At the end of my report I’d like to say that modern life is impossible without traveling. 29. When we have time enjoying nature we draw near it. 30. People get much energy and nature gives us much energy and nature gives us much of health. 31. Traveling around the world we meet a lot of interesting people and find out as many interesting things as it possible.

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